The Mullet Man Story

With fun and edgy videos, the all-new Mullet Man YouTube Channel is attracting thousands of young, excited subscribers with a message promoting the outdoors.

These are not your father’s outdoor videos. Mullet Man delivers a youthful and unconventional outdoor experience that goes far beyond the typically stale, one-size-fits-all hunting or fishing videos. For example, the 26-year-old show host and producer Mike Owens recently featured hunting with a spear during which he got up close and personal with a fallow deer.

But the Mullet Man adventure does not stop in the field. Owens has cooked and prepared his own rabbit, fish, deer, squirrel, turtle, duck, dove, pheasant, rattlesnake. bullfrogs and even grilled and fried grasshoppers, and he brings these culinary ‘adventures’ to his videos with equal enthusiasm.

We Are Social

With only 40 months as a YouTuber, the Mullet Man has become one of the fastest growing social media channels in the outdoor/hunting genre. Our primary demographic is the 18-44 year old male audience from the US and Canada areas. We will only strive to continue our growth and popularity through several new social media campaigns throughout the next several months. Rise, Kill & Eat…

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The Mullet Man Revenue Stream

We offer a promotional stream for sponsorships through the Mullet Man YouTube channel. As previously noted, our channel is one of the fastest growing social media channels within the outdoor/hunting genre.

This would allow for several types of promotional opportunities such as dedicated videos for unboxing and full reviews of a sponsored products. This will also include dedicated links, descriptions and contact information for our sponsors. With the Mullet Man Revenue Stream, we can also create customized product video series of our choice that would include different features and aspects of an individual product.

Mullet Man prides itself on promoting only the highest of quality products. So prior to any committments, we would request that all products be sent to our headquarters for testing and approval. Sponsorship cost can vary depending on length and depth of the customized promotion.

A Few of Our Current Sponsors:

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Working with Mike has been great for AirForce Airguns. He has helped to bring additional viewership to our brand and our product line. The content he produces is both high quality and extremely engaging, allowing Mike to connect with his audience in ways that other content creators do not. These factors have contributed directly to our bottom line through increased sales and brand awareness make partnership with Mike a valuable asset to AirForce Airguns.
Cameron Brinkerhoff
Director of Marketing | Airforce Airguns

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